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How will I know who is coming to my home and what are the different methods of payment?

Currently Keith is running all initial service calls. We run both an automated and paper invoice system. We can process credit cards and take a check for payment. If you provide your email address you can pay online.

What does the warranty for regular pest control cover?

If you have had an initial pest control or a general maintenance pest control, the warranty is for 90 days and covers crawling insects.  When you reach out to let us know you are still seeing activity, we will ask you what pests you are seeing and the location of the activity.  An appointment is made and we spot treat for the issue.  Never hesitate to call us back out, that is how we maintain your pest-free home

Why don’t you run pest control service in the rain?

When a full pest control is scheduled and it is raining, we reset appointments. Water that flows off a treated property could carry the active ingredient into the local gutters to storm drains to our local waterways and bayous. Residual barriers are tougher to create when applied to a wet surface so that products get diluted and usually need a second application so more pesticides are needed to be effective. We are very respectful of the products we use and always have your environment in mind when applying chemicals to your home. It is our policy that if it is raining or rain is imminent, we reset your appointment to a drier day.